"Trigger Finger, Volume I is inspired by recent news and daunting stories of child sexual abuse.."

Malaysia Mona'

The mysterious hit-man duo, Loralei, and daughter Lola are hired by their new client Tina who makes an uncertain decision to set up a serial child rapist Jeffery.  Although he assaulted her daughter, Tina tries to back out not knowing plans for Jeffery’s fate were already set in place...


What follows is a story about the importance of protecting children from sexual abuse even if it’s from people we may trust and love. Since it’s a film that is full of drama and action, the audience will be indulged in the revenge of abuse that every child deserves. However, only this time it happens to be by a little girl.


Trigger Finger, Volume I, is inspired by recent news and daunting stories of child sexual abuse, it’s a story that deals with serious issues in a way that is informal and entertaining, ensuring that it only makes you satisfied as much as it makes you think. 

-Malaysia Mona', Director, Writer, and Actor,



"A film that explores serious issues and raises important points about sexual abuse..."

We strongly believe that the art of women and children being a hit-man for a special cause is often underutilized and underappreciated. There’s a misconception that if a film is tackling a serious topic, then it needs to be dramatic, sometimes to the point of feeling like it’s preaching to the audience.


We don’t agree with that.


We think that sometimes the best films will have you intrigued and cheering while you watch them, but then you notice you’re still thinking about them long after you’ve left the cinema. That’s the impact we want with our film. A film that explores serious issues and raises important points about sexual abuse but does it in a way that might surprise you and hopefully leads to an even more lasting impression. 



"Sexual abuse rips families apart and kill the souls of children.." "We just wanted to see a child molester get their ass kick.."

It is astounding that 1 in every 10 children will be sexually abused in their lifetime. I am a child sexual abuse expert and from the sexual abuse I have endured as a child, the individuals I have helped, the countless numbers of stories I have heard, and my many years of researching sexual abuse I know this.


"Sexual abuse rips families apart and kills the souls of children."

Trigger finger came out of the anger and frustration of so many people affected and not being listened to and helped properly. Because of the effects of sexual abuse on children, we just wanted to create something that shows a child molester getting their ass kicked. - Rasheen Richardson, Assistant Director


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